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Friday, September 13th, 2002 at about 10:47 pm

So here’s my blog. Cordelia and Mark sorta got me started on the idea. We didn’t have blogs in New Jersey. I suppose they could have been successful there, just never were. Oh well. The title is partly from a Less than Jake and partly just sorta my own mind. I’m listening to Nirvana and now Mark’s Aluminum Cans. It’s actually quite good, I like it. I’m not really into instrumental stuff, words are too important to me, but if the music can speak then there’s no need for them. I’m not sure if Mark’s music really speaks, but I can decide that later. Now I’ve stopped that (it’s too long to listen to right now, I need something different), now the music is Dashboard Confessional, “Again I Go Unnoticed”. But enough of the music I’m listening to.

One think I’m noticing about Blogging already is how things tend to run together. It’s train-of-thought writing. Sorta like the Catcher in the Rye. What a fascinating book. I bring it up because Mark’s reading it, and I’m thinking of reading it again. I’m talking about Mark a lot, which probably seems a little creepy, but I spent like 4 hours with him today so I guess that’s why. But on to bigger and better (or just different) things.

As I was saying, no blogs in Jersey. I moved recently, in early August. August 1st, to be exact. My dad got a job here, we moved, that’s it. I don’t blame us, it’s a good opportunity for him and it’s actually better here than I thought. I don’t dare say its better than where I came from, but time will tell I suppose. People are friendlier here. The kids at school sorta assimilated me into their ecclectic culture so readily, it surprises me. But what a wonderful surprise it is. I think I like it here. I like the people, I like the fact that there are more people in this town. I come from a town of 8,000 people. That’s nothing. But, unlike here, we weren’t buffered by cornfields. It was small town after small town after small town, all in the suburbia that is New Jersey. We were exurbs of NYC. Suburbs of the suburbs, in other words. East Coast is… something else. It’s not like here. It’s a different attitude, a different lifestyle almost. But that’s something for another time, I need to sort out how to say it in my head. Here in Champaign-Urbana there are about 100,000 people, plus 35,000 students during the school year. I walk around campus and just look at all the people, it makes me smile. How can I not? I walked around town in New Jersey and saw people, often people I didn’t know, but it’s not the same. Not as many people, and they weren’t young people. It makes such a difference, for some reason. I like walking around with all the college students, maybe its some lingering feelings of the little boy who wants to grow up, but more likely I’m getting a feeling of belonging, more. I’m not in college, true, but these people walking around me surely can relate to me better than the 46 year old mother with two kids and a shopping cart full of groceries can. That’s what you see in New Jersey. Not a guy playing a banjo on top of the hill over at Illini Meadows, not the signs that say “Concert Friday, $2, 4 bands,” not the young couple in the throws of love. It’s a more… perhaps a more romantic atmosphere. Not literally, not in the sense of affection for a single other person, but in the sense of a love for the situation, a love for everyone, all the people. I like it here.

I mentioned Uni High’s eclectic culture. It’s a strange one, but in a beautifully accepting sort of way. There’s none of this pathetic social quabbling that I’m so used to, none of this clique bullshit, nothing. We were finally getting away from it at my old school, at the end of last year we were more or less unified, but with the advent of highschool it was going to regress immediately. And even at its peak our social structure could not compare to the unity of Uni’s. While there’s still a little tensions between groups, its much more subtle. A welcome change, still. I’m still surveying the situation, but I can sorta see the little groups that are formed. I suppose at some point I’ve got to become associated with one, but in some ways I really don’t want to. It’s sorta nice to be the new kid, because you’re welcome nearly anywhere. But it’s a free ride that’s good only so many times. I’ve got to wait and see how things go.

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