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Saturday, September 14th, 2002 at about 10:33 pm

Again, I’ve wasted the day. I got a little work done on a review of a motherboard for Inside Project (a site my cousin owns that I’m involved in), I still need to take pictures. I didn’t do any school work, that can wait until tomorrow. I’ve got to go to the bathroom. I’ve had to for about 15 minutes now. For some reason I don’t mind having to go to the bathroom when I’m doing things on the computer, I just hold it and suddenly everything I’m doing becomes more interesting. It’s strange, I know, but whatever. I’ve accepted that I don’t understand most things, including myself.

I’d like to get some pictures posted that I took in Chicago a few weeks ago. Of course I can’t post it here, since then I’d have to pay and no way am I going to pay for this. I’ll probably look into getting this blog running on a separate server, too, to get rid of those ads. But again, it doesn’t really matter, since almost no one reads this.

I’m trying to find an easy way to export my music library to a text file, just all the names. Then I could put it here and everyone could see the music I like. Or don’t like, in some cases, but don’t bother deleting. I don’t know why there’s Britney Spears music on my computer, probably there from when my sister was using Napster to get songs about three years ago. Whatever, maybe I can do something interesting with it at some point. I have no clue what, but you never know. Me = digital packrat.

I’m listening to Nirvana right now. I downloaded almost their entire Nevermind album last night, not sure why. I like it well enough, but its not particularly fantastic. Some songs are all right, though. I think I’m shallow when it comes to music sometimes. I probably downloaded all that music because I liked the thought of being a Nirvana fan. I’m such a self-centered, self-conscious bastard sometimes. I’m working on it, though.

Anyway, off the watch TV. It’s my refuge from all things real. Sometimes I’ve wondered why I watch TV a lot sometimes, and I’ve come to this conclusion: It gives me an escape from real life. I think I watch TV more when I’m going through a depressing or otherwise unhappy phase. I’m not sure of this, it would take careful observation to prove, but it seems logical at least. The worse life is at the moment, the greater the need to escape it. And TV is the best way of escape (temporary, doesn’t do much, if any, long-term damage, and its effective). So that’s why I watch TV. And I’m kinda sick of staring at a computer screen, so I’ll go stare at a TV screen instead.

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