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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002 at about 10:14 pm

It’s late, so little time to write. I need waaay more sleep. Oh well. I ran on empty for all of last year, I guess I can do it again. It sorta messes with me, though, so I was hoping to not have to do that this year. At least I can wake up a half-hour earlier than last year.

“Self Esteem,” by the Offspring. What a great song to play loud. Unfortunately the rest of my family is asleep, so I can’t play it too loud. But I’m gonna blast it when I get home tomorrow. “…this little fit… it happens more than I care to admit” duh-duh-duh-duh. Ah, it’s all good.

I’m going to bed.

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002 at about 10:07 pm

Fixed the cable. Turns out it had to do with a virus that spread over my network. Thanks to the lovable nature of cable networks, it was broadcasting over the rest of the system. So they cut my service after a week. It’s all honkey-dorey now, though, so no worries. Here’s what I wrote Monday night but couldn’t post:

The following is from Monday, 9.17.02

Goddamn Internet connection. I get home from school and suddenly it doesn�t work. I�m writing this in Word to later transfer to Blogger. I went through everything, and I think the problem is with the ISP, not with my side. Oh well, it�s kinda nice to not have the temptation of the Internet pulling me away from more pressing matters. I spent almost all my time after school today on homework, but didn�t mind it very much since I knew I didn�t have all that much else to do. Maybe I should have them do this more often. Just sorta randomly shut it off. Or better yet, the electricity. Force me to get outside a little.

I took a bike ride the other day. I only went a mile or so from my house, but it was nice to just go. I think I�ll start doing that more often. It�s liberating to get out of this house. Not that I don�t like it here, its just that I spend too much time indoors. I live off the computer, it�s consumed me. I barely ever use the telephone, and never for long conversations. Why bother, when I can use instant messaging and e-mail instead? I�m a better writer than I am a speaker, and furthermore you can have lengthy conversations with people who you�d never talk to on the phone. The main reason for this is that you can have gaps in conversation, sometimes long ones, and it isn�t awkward at all. It�s just a more convenient method of communication.

We went to lunch at Za�s today. We left early enough to catch the class change around 10:50 or so, and came back late enough to hit the lunch crowd. Today was Yom Kippur as well, so there were younger kids out and about. They were selling cookies or something, I don�t know. I wanted to go up to them and ask one �Why aren�t you in school, young man?� but then I realized that public school�s have off today. It�s too bad we don�t. Of course, everyone gets off for the Christian holidays, but I�m not going to go there.

�So Long Sweet Summer,� by Dashboard Confessional, just finished playing. I really like them as a band. The guy�s voice isn�t particularly good, but I still kinda like it. And the acoustic guitar leads are kinda nice. Mellowing, perhaps, is the right word. Personal musical history is interesting. I, at least, go through genres and bands rather quickly. A year ago I was listening to Staind, then it slowly progressed to something different, less intense. This spring I went through a sorta punk phase, now I�m back to more mellow stuff with some punk mixed in. Within these broader categories there are many more little switches, often temporary. I�m into electronica and techno on-and-off, and every once in a while I like a song that�s sorta drastically different from the rest of my current favorites.

All right that�s enough for today. It�s not even 10, but I�m going to bed. I need the sleep. Perhaps I�ll go watch a little television first. I think 3rd Rock from the Sun might be on, not sure. I�m awaiting the start of the new season. Of course, then I�ll start watching TV a lot more and I�ve barely got time for homework now, but I suppose I�ll make do. Until next time�

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002 at about 11:31 am

Crap my Internet connection doesn’t work. I’m posting from school. I’ve got to call the goddam cable company and see if they’ll fix this. I’ve tried everything, I think its their fault. Morons.

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