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Thursday, October 17th, 2002 at about 9:28 pm

weeee, I’m blogging. I feel the need to, yet I have no idea what to write. I’m kinda tired, as always. I did all my homework except for health, I still need to finish my anti-smoking quilt square thing. Mine is a big weird looking banana with arms and legs and a face, and it says “Hey kids! The big giant banana says 1 in every 3 smokers will die from their habit! So don’t smoke!” I thought I’d try to do something a little different. I have the banana all done, I just need to write in the words. And that should be easy enough. Then I’ll draw a little girl or boy staring up at this huge banana all wide-eyed in fear. Yea, that should do it.

I feel the need to call a friend in New Jersey. But I can’t call guys, because guys don’t have long conversations with other guys on the phone, it just doesn’t work well. So I’d have to call a girl, and the only girl I know well enough to call is Diane. But it’s 10:30 there anyway, so this entire conversation is academic.

OK, so there’s this guy, and Mark talked to him originally for some reason, and had a funny conversation. And then the guy found my screen name, and we had a few interesting conversation. Here’s one. He decided to be nice and talk to me again. So I guess I’ll have nice long conversation with him and see where it goes. Here is the conversation Mark had with him. I realize his is more interesting, but give me time. I’ve already gotten some info out of him, that he didn’t get into Uni, and he lives in Champaign, and whatnot. This could be interesting. I wonder who Laura is.

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