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Friday, October 18th, 2002 at about 9:48 pm

Music tends to get annoying after a while. Like right now, I kinda want to take a swing at the guys in Boxcar Racer for whining so much. Usually I like their stuff, it’s slightly-less-sissy-but-still-mainstream blink-182 style punk. It had better be, because half of the band is Blink-182. At first I didn’t realize that, when I saw their first single’s video I was like “wow, that’s the most blatant rip of of Blink 182 in existance. They guys even look exactly the same, and they’re wearing the same clothing and have that same complaining voice.” When I realized that the reason for this was that they were the same people, it made much more sense to me, and restored some of my faith in them.

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