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Sunday, November 3rd, 2002 at about 8:49 pm


Mark is here today. He’s standing right over me. He’s staying through Tuesday morning. He wants me to say “I’ve been contemplating suicide lately.” While this would admittedly be a more interesting topic, it’s always better to stick to reality. When that time comes, as it may, then I’ll talk about it. For now, it’s talk about Phish’s cover of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice.” What a great song. It pleases me to hear such great music. Says Mark.

Today we had a party-brunch for some friends of ours who just got married. There were about 54 people here, perhaps 53. My dad says he’s not sure. Fair enough. It was good, although we had too much food. We have an entire ham, half a quiche, a couple dozen bagels, all left over. That’s ok though, since, as Mark says, you can never have too much food. We’re eating banana muffins and he nearly electrocuted himself with the toasted trying to defrost a bagel. Good times. This post is completely discombobulated because I keep leaving to do things. So I’ll end it.

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