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why can’t we be friends…

Wednesday, November 13th, 2002 at about 9:37 pm

why can’t we be friends…

I actually have a good deal to write about today, but I don’t think I have the patience to write it all down at the moment. I’ve forgotten some of it already.

In my Driver’s Ed class there’s this kid, Sheldon (sp?). He talks in a high voice, but that isn’t so important as the way that he talks. Very… ghetto-slang-whatever. It’s like a distorted version of Chris Rock. And today he was talking about something strange, how the government wants to legalize marijuana because “they wanna get they money.” This was more or less a response to Tobin’s comment about a proposal for a driving law to allow only one other person under 21 in the car with a driver who is under 21. He (Tobin) explained that this was a bad idea, since more cars would be on the road, burning more gas. He said it was probably proposed because the oil companies control the government. It’s a bit of a stretch, I know, but I’m getting away from the point. Tobin said this, Sheldon replied. Tobin then tried to explain the difference between laws passed by Congress and laws put to general election in a state, but it fell on deaf ears. I couldn’t really understand most of Sheldon’s argument, because it was given in that ridiculous speech of his. One of the things I found most amusing today was that he used the same phrase to express approval and disappointment. He asked what time it was, someone responded, and his face lit up, happily saying “Oh, shit, 5:50?” clearly happy that class was almost over. It was then said that no, in fact, it was 5:15. Sheldon’s reply: “Oh, shit, 5:15?” clearly upset about this unfortunate turn of events. I found the entire thing hilarious.

There is a lot of anti-war protesting and other propaganda in this town. Propaganda might be a harsh way of putting it, but the multitudes of lectures and editorial pieces are, essentially, just that. But here, in this town, I have seen not a single person who favors going to war with Iraq. So it would seem to me that all these democrats and independents (I am particularly fond of whoever was holding a sign I saw that said “Jesus would not bomb Iraq”) protesting the war are really just preaching to the choir. Is there a need to endlessly repeat to people what they have already heard, especially when they already agree with you? I, personally, don’t really have an opinion on the matter. So perhaps there are other like me, or others who are against the war, who have simply not really made themselves known, and who are therefore the target of the anti-war contingent.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ve already used today’s title. Regrettably, I’m too lazy to look back through the past few months’ posts to check. Later, perhaps.

My grandmother is visiting. I haven’t seen her in… 6 months, or so. It’s nice, I’m glad to see her as often as I can. The visits will probably less frequent, however, now that we’ve moved so much farther away, and out of driving distance.

Somehow I managed to spend just about all of my money this week. It’s only Wednesday, but I think I’m going to be bagging lunches for the next few days, because I’m nearly broke. I’ve got about a buck fifty for lunch until Friday. Zorba’s today wiped out what little money I had left after the weekend. Movies are getting ridiculously expensive.

You know that feeling that something is going on around you, something that involves you, that people are conspiring to do something that somehow relates to you but you’re completely oblivious? I’ve got that feeling. Usually it turns out to be completely unfounded, when I get this feeling. But sometimes it turns out to be right. I think I’ll just wait and see. I say that about everything. It probably isn’t good. No matter.

Today was a rather good day. We did a lab in Chem, which left us hanging around outside waiting for sensitizer to expose in the sunlight for most of the period. My grade magically jumped 12% in that class, too, after discovering an error in the grade calculations and turning in some extra credit. I didn’t have that much homework, either. I don’t really understand what we’re doing in math, vectors have got me confused, but I suppose I can’t have everything, now can I?

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