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lose it

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002 at about 9:37 pm

lose it

It’s amazing, how quickly habits break themselves sometimes. From posting once a day I’m down to posting every few days. No matter, all it takes is a little determination and a lot less laziness. Speaking of which, since I can’t seem to bang out a new skin, I’m going over to get one right now from Blogskins. This one doesn’t fit the writing correctly. Content is more important than presentation. So I tell myself. So I tend not to believe.

The Development of Orthodoxy in Early Christianity, reads the title of our latest Eurasia topic. I’m finding it difficult to remain objective when writing about Jesus and Christianity. I either get preachy or overcompensate and end up sounding like the cynical skeptic I can’t stand to be. But with a little practice I’m managing to hit the right balance. The trouble is more that when I read something, I come up with some conclusion I think is creative about it. Then, no matter what we’re told to right about, I write about that creative conclusion. Sometimes this works well, sometimes not.

So there, a new template. It’s not quite right, but it’ll do for a few days. I think I’ll become a template nomad for a little while. Not dwelling in any one place for too long.

I finally found some music by Sincerely, Calvin. Reminding me how much I wish Bill Waterson hadn’t retired by name, and making me tilt my head and at least smile a little by music. Pussy music? I don’t give a fuck.

I need to take some music out of my subconscious, where it’s usually processed, and start paying attention again. It’s so much more fun that way.

I’m tired, as always. But at least when you’re tired you get that oh-so-satisfying feeling of losing control, just by falling into bed.

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