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Thursday, December 12th, 2002 at about 9:10 pm


Today was basically just a series of narrowly averted bad occurrences. I lost my backpack, leaving it in the locker-room with my calculator and math textbook in it. But some kind soul picked it up and dropped it off at the Uni sports office, for which I am very grateful. I forgot to tell my mom that I had no way to get home today, and she was out when I called after school. Luckily I got a ride with Matt Freeman to Mark’s house, and then Mark drove me home. Matt’s mom is awesome, she laughed at all the stupid stuff we said. When I got home I was opening this thing that came in the mail that I ordered, and it suddenly dawned on me that since it was a Christmas present, I should probably be waiting for Christmas. I asked my mom and she said yes, I definitely should. So I gave her what was inside the UPS box (I hadn’t opened the box of the actual thing). So all these not-quite-terrible things didn’t even happen, so I guess I should be happy. Yes.

We watched this movie in Health called “Raging Teens.” Just sex ed in a weird form. We started the reproductive system two days after Dean left. That had to have been planned.

Doo dee doo doo dee… the random humming continues. It makes for good space filler during a suddenly silent conversation, but doesn’t translate into text so well.

I think we’re going to see The Two Towers next Thursday, Bro and Zuke and I. I dunno if Mark would come. Who knows? I can’t figure out what the hell he’d do in any situation.

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