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whipper snapper

Thursday, January 16th, 2003 at about 9:34 pm

whipper snapper

Today I played volleyball for about an hour and a half over at IMPE. My dad plays with some of his students and Paul (another professor we know well). They invited me to play, so I gladly accepted. While it was fun, it didn’t go perfectly. My problem was, basically, I sucked. The others weren’t world-class athletes, but most of them were reasonably good at this. They’re all at least somewhat athletic. James played minor league baseball for a while. Adam played on the Illinois club team for volleyball, as did this other guy.

We started playing, and after I botched (horribly) the first couple of plays, the others on my team kindly reduced my importance in all further plays. For some reason I spent a good deal of my time at first composing something in my head that sounded like Dave Barry’s column on his experience swimming with a synchronized swim team. He described himself as a sea cow amid swans, I believe. That’s pretty much how I felt. But I got over it, and by the end was having a good deal of fun. I just wasn’t really doing anything terribly useful. It was actually best when some people had left, and there were only three on a team. I moved around a lot more, but for some reason I could function a little better.

One of the things this has taught me is to respect my age. I’m only 15, and despite the fact that I think I’m an adult (and I’m as tall as one), I’m not quite there yet. It’s strange, how that happened, but it’s what I come away from this with.

So that’s what I did tonight. I’m pretty soar. I think I’ll go take a shower, even though I’m not terribly sweaty/smelly. It’ll help me relax. But then I’d guess I’d better go do that soon, because I’ve got Bless Me, Ultima to read. TWO Dave Barry books have now been pre-empted for school.

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