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i’m on fire

Saturday, January 18th, 2003 at about 11:18 pm

i’m on fire

Inside Project got a huge influx of new members to the forums. We got about 150 new people from Tweakers AU. It’s a good deal of luck, I’m happy, but it means I’ve got to start spending more time on the forums to deal with it all. Shouldn’t be a problem, though.

We had a dinner party tonight, for about 16 people. It was nice, although I was a little tired. The kids went and watched a movie while the adults ate and talked. My parents are now cleaning up, and didn’t seem to want my help. That was nice of them.

Last night I went to the Solo Mono show. They played their set last, so we stayed until the very end. I didn’t get home unitl about 12:30. Even though I had been tired the whole night, I stayed up for a while after. Got to bed around 1:30, to wake up the next morning at 9. I should’ve slept more, but didn’t realize I could have. I went to the girls’ basketball game at St. Thomas More. We lost, but at least it was kinda close. I called my parents to get a ride home and they didn’t answer any phones… neither cell, and not the home phone. So I was going to be stuck there, way up in the middle of nowhere. But I caught a ride with Hannah to the library, where I could wait until my parents would answer something. They did, and came to pick me up. It actually worked out well, because I got to go to the library, which I’d been meaning to do for a few weeks. It would’ve sucked if Hannah couldn’t have given me a ride, though.

Last night when we were getting out of the car “Louie Louie” was playing. It’s been in my head ever since. I kinda wish I knew what version was playing, becuase I liked it better than the ones I’m downloading. Mark, if you know, tell me.

I can’t feel my feet. Actually, I can feel them, but they’re kinda numb. I’m aware of their presence, but they aren’t feeling like they normally do. Sorta… mildly tingly, and hot. I think I’d better stop sitting on them.

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