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my penis is warm

Saturday, February 8th, 2003 at about 11:54 am

my penis is warm

So yesterday we got off school a little early, around 2:04. Makes a good segue (so hard to spell that word) into the 3 day weekend. Which, in turn, is a good intro to Agora week. Yes, this is quite good.

After school let out I walked down to the Green Street Cafe with Annie, Zoe, Maggie, Ben, and Daniel. We had a great time just hanging around and eating. Our conversation didn’t have any particularly mature overtones, but hey, whatever. At some point someone (Maggie or Zoe, I don’t remember who) said “every time there’s a break in conversation I think ‘my penis is warm’” (this was a reference to an earlier joke). So from then on every time we’d stop talking the silence would last about 3 seconds and then we’d all burst out laughing. There were also a lot of jokes (in rather poor taste) about how this place we were in must be a lesbian hang out. Again, not terribly mature, but it was a good time.

My dad keeps walking in and out of this room either to talk to me or to pick something up from the printer. It makes it very difficult to write lyrics for “I Want Your Sex Pootie.” Right now I’ve got about 5 verses down, including the stuff by Big T and the Oakenfolds. Coupled with the chorus and random words I’m putting in and calling a bridge (even though it doesn’t technically connect anything) and the inevitable guitar and drum solos, maybe it’s enough for a song. If not, Mark and I can whip up some more I think.

Last night there was a Solo Mono show at the IMC. In the middle of one band’s set a couple of cops came in and shined some flash lights around. I guess they were looking for someone, but didn’t find anyone. It made some people really nervous, though. There was a squad car parked right outside for a while longer, too. There was speculation that they were doing something at the bar a few doors up. Who knows.

All right, back to lyric writing.

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