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gonna have a teenage riot

Sunday, February 9th, 2003 at about 3:18 pm

gonna have a teenage riot

Went to the Illinois - Ohio State basketball game this afternoon. We won, but I guess no surprise. I’m not exactly the sports fanatic type, but it was still fun.

I’m wondering about chemical imbalances. There must be a way to stabalize the emotional up/downs that many people (or at least many kids) have. I know this one kid who is, among other things, ADHD. They had him on lithium and prozac and all sorts of shit just to try to level out his mood swings. He’d go from euphoria to suicidal in an alarmingly small time period. They should sell that stuff over the counter. Except then I guess you’d have all these people self-medicating and/or a lot of recreational use. So I’m going to end this topic because I have completely lost sight of where I was going with this to begin with.

I need to take a dump, so that’s all for today.

Background noise: “Teenage Riot”, The Ataris

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