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plastic hip

Monday, March 3rd, 2003 at about 8:18 pm

plastic hip

Went to the movies with Zoë today, Old School. It seemed decently funny. I like that they don’t card for rated R movies here. We obviously weren’t 17, but they don’t care. Much nicer than New Jersey, where it was nearly impossible to get in underaged.

Zo� and I narrowly avoided missing each other at the movie theater. I got there a few minutes early, so I went over to Pages for All Ages. While I was there, she arrived (still early), and went inside the movies to wait. I came back over and started to wait, just sitting on the pavement next to the building outside. After 20 minutes I started to think she wasn’t going to come, and she must have been thinking the same about me because she came walking outside, probably to leave. Then I saw her and went over and all was well. I’m such an idiot, how I didn’t think that possibly she would be inside is beyond me. Ah, but whatever, it worked out. I just need to turn on the old brain now and again and things like this wouldn’t happen.

So Zoë and I had a fun time, and went over to Dairy Queen afterwards to wait for her bus (or really any bus) to come. Then she left, and I biked home.

And that is my story.

I reformatted my hard drive today, which went pretty well except I accidentally deleted (forgot to back up) a few rather important things. Oh well, so it goes. The price of not worrying about things constantly is a little loss now and then. But, really, that’s going to happen anyway, so I may as well start enjoying myself instead of worrying so much. This is an attitude I must adopt towards life in general.

And with that in mind, I’m off to go zone out in front of the television.

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