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“teenager in love”

Sunday, March 9th, 2003 at about 4:47 pm

“teenager in love”

Hung out on campus with Zoë today. We just sorta sat around various places and talked for a few hours. First Moonstruck, then the Union, and twice to Walgreens for various reasons. It was fun.

Whoa. On the way home my mom was listening to 92.5 (”Great Oldies”). And the last song playing was kinda stuck in my head. Then I was just parousing my music library and put on some “Less than Jake”, and low and behold, it was a cover (sort of) of that song. How odd.

I’m so terribly obsessive compulsive sometimes it annoys me. I check profiles like every 30 seconds. Literally. It’s weird. I’m talking to someone on AIM, and I’ll just instinctively click on their info. Constantly. I’ll have to break this habit.

Background noise: “look what happened” Less than Jake and “Cops” by H2O

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