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‘help save america’s youth from exploding’

Tuesday, March 11th, 2003 at about 6:32 pm

‘help save america’s youth from exploding’


And not the bad kind, either. A sigh of rather near perfect contentment. Granted, there are a collection of things I have to worry about, but right now I just don’t need them. I’m happy.

Today in English Annie and I took a test we found in Time to see if we were bipolar. We decided we both were, or at the very least should “contact a physician” about it. It just annoys me when the media tries to increase its audience (i.e. make money) by scaring people shitless. Like Oprah. Oprah pisses me off. I don’t hate Oprah, personally, just what her show stands for. It’s just an excuse to scare bored housewives into thinking their kid is about to die or get raped.

After school I went off with Zoë and Mark was like following us around for a while. It was a little weird, but eventually he left. He had to go home with her to take pictures of her dad. Except he missed the bus, so I’m not sure how that went…

Background noise: “Guilt by Association” H2O

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