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think of the future

Monday, March 17th, 2003 at about 7:42 pm

think of the future

Well, we’re screwed. Bush says 48 hours for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq or it’s war. He’s not going to leave, and even if he did I get the sense that Bush would go ahead and attack anyway. So, basically, we’re totally fucked. The war will last only a few weeks, militarily it’ll probably be pretty basic. Iraq will be in ruins, many lives on both sides will be lost, but it’ll be swift and decisive. The worst part is yet to come. After a year of half-assed attempts to build a democracy in Iraq the administration will basically lose interest and leave Iraq to its own devices. We’ll develop a reputation (as if our rep in the Middle East wasn’t bad enough as it is) of Western cowboys who swoop in and decimate countries that are ALREADY poverty-stricken thanks to Western imperialism, then leave these newly destroyed nations to fend for themselves. Anti-Americanism will flourish. Wave upon wave of young extremist will join the ranks of terror networks. Within 5 years (probably much sooner) another major U.S. city will be hit, likely atleast as devastating as September 11, probably more. Then this whole destructive cycle begins again. War will be waged in country to country, creating a modern day Vietnam that doesn’t even have a given target. We march onwards towards the hellish totalitarianisms of early 20th century literature, except we’ll never make it that far. These wars will have completely drained the economy from it’s already weakened state, sending it into a death spiral. America is poor, it’s army weak and over-extended, and the country constantly harassed by terrorist groups.

Such are my predictions. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we’ll set up a stable democracy in Iraq, the administration will have cured its itchy trigger finger, and all will be right in the world. We have to wait and see. But mark my words, this will not end well.

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