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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003 at about 9:21 pm

OK, I know its a day (or two) late, but I am finally posting, for the first time in a week. I must admit, it’s been a bit nice to take a break - sometimes I guess its nice to get perspective, in that writing random shit about my life or whatever isn’t really all that crucial to anyone, including myself. But still, its nice to do so, and now that I’ve had my little withdrawl I don’t have any problem starting up again.

So, what’s happened in the past week? Nothing really noteworthy, although on Sunday I did do a few things. I went over to Zoë’s house, set up a bunch of stuff with their computers, dyed my hair, and watched SLC Punk with Zoë. My hair turned out quite well, I think. I’m happy with it. If I can manage to take a picture, I’ll post it here. I think I’m going to experiment with the camera and mirrors again - last time I tried that it was great fun, but none of the pictures were very good so I just deleted them.

I’m posting from CS, since I have nothing more productive to be doing right now. I am, however, reading about XML, which is looking more and more interesting. So I think I’m going to go do that more, and maybe go talk to Daniel, Anna, and Annie, who are looking like they’re having fun right now.

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