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Saturday, May 17th, 2003 at about 3:02 pm

Ah, nothing like waking up at 7:15 on a Saturday morning to run 5 kilometers. My muscles are tired, but not sore, and at least I don’t have much to do for the rest of the day. Very little homework, Zoë’s in Chicago until tonight, and its only 1 in the afternoon. So, relaxation. I’ll just chill, maybe take a nap, and maybe even get a little work done.

I’m quite happy with my 5K time; 26-something is about what I was hoping for. I’ve never imagined myself as much of a long distance runner, but I guess it’s all right to do once a year at a mandatory mandatory event. I guess it’s good to push yourself (both physically and mentally) every once in a while. It makes you appreciate the time when you get to be lazy more.

I’m off to figure out how many pairs of socks and such I’ll need to buy for my trip to Greece. I’ve only got about 4 pairs that aren’t ratty and fit right, which isn’t going to be enough to last two weeks. Until next time, mes amis.

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