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leavin’ on a jetplane

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003 at about 6:50 am

I finally got Less than Jake’s (relatively) new CD “Anthem” yesterday. I’m quite happy with it. It got good reviews, which kinda surprised me for some reason. My fears about them going more mainstream seem to be mostly unfounded. Their musical style is still sorta heading towards more typical rock than ska, but that doesn’t really bother me, because it’s still good. They went back to a major label, but that doesn’t really bother me either, because the music is still good. I think I’ll listen to that CD quite a bit on the plane ride to Luxembourg today.

Interestingly enough, my dad and I are flying through Gatwick (London), while my mom and sister are flying through Paris. My dad and I are going to England for a week after Luxembourg, so that’s just the way it had to work out. My mom and sister are going to kill each other. But I guess that’s how it goes. Hopefully they can manage to kinda get along for a while. Given that length of time and the stress of overnight international travel, I highly doubt that’ll happen.

background noise: “Farther” Third Eye Blind

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