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end racism now and again

Sunday, August 3rd, 2003 at about 12:30 pm

Went to the show last night. It was enjoyable; I was especially fond of Reaccion. They had this whole Spanish influence thing going on. Most of them were Hispanic guys, except one of the two singers, who was a white female. She was really mellow, too, when talking, which I always like because then the contrast to the screaming when they’re playing is really cool. Most of their songs were in Spanish, but it doesn’t really matter. Not like I can understand what they’re saying anyway.

I got to see Greg and associated people at the show last night, too. Haven’t seen them in months. Might not for a while, either, depending on when shows are and when Greg goes back to Tennesee. Eh, so it goes.

I vacuumed the basement this morning. And I guess I’ll have to give the bathroom a second coat of paint, too, unless my dad does it without asking me to help. I think ZoĆ«’s coming over for dinner tonight.

I’m tired, and yet got 10 hours of sleep. I just feel… out of it.

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