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return to normality

Saturday, August 30th, 2003 at about 11:11 am

Oh my glorious, glorious computer. It’s finally back. I haven’t sat typing at this comuter since mid-June. After going away for 5 and a half weeks it refused to turn on, so I needed a new motherboard. It arrived yesterday, I installed it this morning, and now everything is back. Yay, it makes me so happy. I need to clean up this desk and this room, they’re both filthy. And I need to get used to my keyboard and mouse after months on a laptop. But now things are finally back to normal, I have a 19″ screen and a very fast processor, and it’s all good. Hooray.

background noise: “A Thousand Days” Offspring (holy shit its good to have a subwoofer again)

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