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fuck you!

Saturday, October 25th, 2003 at about 9:29 am

Ah, what a great show last night. The 400 people I was hoping for didn’t show up, but about 100 did. So it wasn’t a complete bust (especially given the normal turnout at shows here). And it was a ton of fun. There was a great pit, I’m sore all over. After the first band with a real pit I realized I had blood all over my shirt, but at least it was from a cut on my arm and not someone else’s, I guess. So yea, that was fun. I wasn’t so happy with the fat people in the pit because they either didn’t move and blocked everything or, worse, did move, and getting run into by someone much much heavier than you isn’t always fun. But, whatever. I’m in a good amount of dull pain, and the music was good (for the most part) so I’m not complaining.

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