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burning, burning!

Friday, November 28th, 2003 at about 8:57 pm

Another action-packed day of vacation. I am enjoying myself oh-so-much. In the morning Zoe and I discovered the seizure-inducing joys of grindcore and cartoons on fast forward. I came home for a bit, then went out shopping (wandering aimlessly from store to store) with Anita, Kimmy, and Ma’ayan. It was fun. And it’s 8:46, so the night is young enough for me to play Baldur’s Gate (regrettably I am addicted one again to computer games) for hours still! Life is good.

Did it snow yesterday? I don’t remember. But yea, it must have. A snowy Thanksgiving. I wonder when that last happened. Probably recently, I just don’t remember. But now Thanksgiving is over. Winter approaches, and seems to have arrived now in the form of snowy overcast skies and cold dry air. It’s not all bad, I get used to the cold pretty fast.

I keep running my hand through my hair and feeling my stitches. It doesn’t hurt, but I’m still afraid to touch them. They come out Tuesday. I’m half-hoping I’ll have a scar, so that if I shave my head I can think of fun stories for it. Or even if I don’t shave my head, I can rub my scar as a motion I always make. Something a semi-mysterious literary character would do. It just seems cool.

Oh crap I just smelled the muffins I’m making burning. I forgot about them completely. I hate not remembering anything.

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