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gone nuclear

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004 at about 9:34 pm

My family has become somewhat ineffective at dealing with itself. Everyone but my dad is highly self centered, and generally gets furious with the rest of the family’s uselessness. My dad good humouredly weathers almost all of it, but generally retreats to the basement and putters away the weekends with little regard to us. I don’t blame him, he’s got the right idea. No one hates each other, we’re not dysfunctional, nothing so melodramatic. We just sort of get on each other’s nerves when forced to actually converse, but quickly forget our gripes. My mom is frustrated and tired, and is becoming increasingly moushish. She just moves various ornaments around the house to occupy her free time. My sister and I are lazy and unforthcoming. I usually just vent all of my frustrations at the rest of the family, regardless of whether it has anything to do with them. My dad’s nice to all of us, but my sister doesn’t talk to him much and I seem unable to hold up in dialogue.

I’m reading this book, Wobegon Boy. One of the Garrison Keeler (sp?) novels. At least my family beats out the crazy midwesterners it tends to gravitate towards, but I’m afraid that if we live together here long enough the differences will become indistinguishable.

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