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Thursday, March 11th, 2004 at about 6:29 pm

Winter has lasted too long. It’s time for winter to finish itself and let spring come, because I need to get some fresh air. It’s still too cold to really enjoy the outdoors. I want to spend all of Saturday afternoon in a park, walk places just for the fun of it. Cold weather is starting to eat at my soul. I dyed my hair blue yesterday. It’s pretty. I looked like a lunatic walking down Springfield with a plastic bag covering my head and my coat put on backwards (so as not to get dye on it). But hey, whatever, I don’t mind looking crazy from time to time. This week has dragged on for an eternity. But tomorrow’s Friday, and a good Friday I think it will be. And as for tonight, this is the one day when I don’t have any studying to do, so looks like Relaxation.

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