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Monday, May 31st, 2004 at about 11:51 pm

So today we went up to Little India. First we tried to find a park, but as far as I can tell parks are not something this country excels at. The park I found was just a big empty field. Nothing interesting at all. It’s a shame, too, because in this climate you could grow some stellar public spaces. But they’ve opted for concrete scenery and more of those fucking shopping malls instead. Ah well. I’m happy to just go shoe shopping anyway; it’s too hot to really be outside for most of the day. Especially when there’s no shade.

Anyway, the Indian quarter was sorta interesting. This one funky building, maybe a temple? Shows my ignorance, I suppose. Zuke bought a random CD, I think it’s guitar music. He listened to it later this afternoon and said it had a lot of high-pitched whiny-type singing. I forget the right word for that kind of music, those non-Western chords. I saw a T-shirt that I should have bought, but just passed it by. Perhaps I can find it somewhere else.

In the spirit of all the commercialism around us Zuke and I are getting more and more absorbed in shopping. Zuke keeps buying Kung Fu VCDs and music, I keep looking for electronics I don’t really need and shoes. I bought a pair of knock offs for S$15 (which is maybe US$10). That made me happy, but breaking them in today hurt my feet.

My dad’s over an hour late coming back from his daily meetings. Which is still better than yesterday. Ah, the phone is ringing. Shit, I missed it because I decided I had better type what was going on. Fucking stupid sometimes. At least they left a message…

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Monday, May 31st, 2004 at about 2:29 pm

So yesterday I had one of the more bizarre culinary experiences of my life. Zuke and I went to lunch at a sushi place. It was all very nice and the food was pretty good (although, I don’t have very much to compare it to, having rarely if ever eaten most types of sushi). What made it so novel was that the food came out of little plates on a conveyor belt that went around the bar where people were sitting. You just picked what you wanted off the belt. It’s really rather fun. I’m sure anyone who is not a tourist would just regard it as gimmicky, over priced and not all that good of food, but I enjoyed it and I didn’t get food poisoning, so it’s all right in my book.

I’m off to go explore again. Violent #$%! going down in S’pore.

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