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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004 at about 2:01 pm

Well things have been going well here. Zuke and I just poked around more yesterday morning, then my dad and I went to lunch on the river and poked around Chinatown. It was a national holiday yesterday, so the distribution of people was sorta strange. Many places were closed and some areas were nearly deserted compared to how bustling they should have been on a normal work day. And even many shopping malls seems less crowded than normal. But when we went to Chinatown there were people everywhere. Dunno why there and nowhere else. Maybe it was just a matter of time; we went there in the afternoon and I looked at other places in the morning.

I think Zuke and I will now go take the MRT (a combination train/subway, the most efficient and ridiculously clean form of public transportation I have ever witnessed) out of the downtown area and go check out the Chinese gardens. Might be interesting. And if not, we can just come back here and shop some more.

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