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Sunday, February 6th, 2005 at about 3:09 pm

I went to this poetry slam last night. I went because Jenna said Zach was reading at 10, but in fact Zach wasn’t there at all and the thing started at 9:15, but so it goes. I made it in time for open mic, which was still fun to witness. I should find more stuff like this in town, I’m sure it’s around.

There was this woman in a wheelchair there, who was going in and out of the room. I didn’t really know what she was doing, I figured just watching a little or wandering around. Towards the end she went up to read a poem, though. I don’t know what her condition is, but her speech was too slurred to understand. Sitting there watching this woman try, though, in a room full of 40 or 50 perfectly silent people, sure made me want to get the fuck out of high school and away from all the assholes who I know would have laughed.

Another woman re-read her poem afterwards. I could paraphrase, but my memory is imperfect so I won’t do it any injustice. It was written from the perspective of “we,” called “We real cool” I think. The last line was “we die real soon.”

It turns out the woman was one of the organizer of the event. I’m still digesting a force-fed message in tolerance; whatever the point here is, it made me feel pretty good in a strange kind of a way.

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Sunday, February 6th, 2005 at about 4:40 am

I’m totally swamped in things to do right now. I didn’t leave the computer for more than two or three hours between 8 and 5 yesterday, working out the remains of the Agora Project. The ACT is next Saturday and I don’t have any fucking time to even look at the review book because we have three tests the next three days. But that’s how things are, I suppose. At least I’m not in the play.

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