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Saturday, July 9th, 2005 at about 11:13 am

I have overinvolved myself in things, and all the time I’ve spent writing recently has been devoted to other things. Namely, a stud prod play, and now I need to write a script for a video project. But most of my time this summer has been spent working, doing CUWiN stuff, and trying to relax. The latter of which I have been extremely successful at lately, as here at the Jersey shore there have been few distractions. I put up a new WRFU website earlier in the week, but other than that I’ve done next to nothing. Zuke and Kangway and I have been swimming a couple times a day and watching a lot of movies. The weather’s been fantastic, save yesterday when it rained. I still managed to skimboard some, though. The seas are a little rougher today from the storm, which might prove fun this afternoon. The waves have been calm this week.

And that is a recap of the past month, essentially. Lollapalooza tickets came, and we bought train tickets last night, so we’re all set to do that later in the month. It’s going to be great.

Currently we’re beating the heat by lounging around and watching recasts of the Live 8 concerts on VH1. Not terribly exciting, but this week is all about not exerting myself.

Upon returning to Illinois I will be very ready to enjoy my summer even more thoroughly. Since I’m done writing that play, which was proving a stressful activity, I can now fully devote myself to work, CUWiN, free speech video, Books to Prisoners, and hard-core chillin’ like a villain. Speaking of CUWiN, I might actually start getting paid for doing the stuff I would do anyway, which is nice, and I might get to travel some at their expense. To Africa, apparently, but who knows what’ll come of that. Still, exciting.

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