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Monday, October 10th, 2005 at about 7:04 am

Today I’m going to Northwestern to prove to them that I am, in fact, interested in their fine university. I have other ways I would rather spend the last day of the four day weekend (not least of which doing all the homework I ignored for the past three days), but no matter. I’m a little disgusted with the whole college process at the moment, but hopefully at least the weather will be pretty and the campus will be nice. If 60 degrees and partly cloudy can be called pretty.

On the bright side, things are progressing nicely with Agora Days - I’ve taught myself the beginnings of Flash ActionScript, mostly at this point just to mess around and make a navigation bar. But I have an idea for a way to use it in the larger project, and if it works its going to be absolutely awesome. It’s probably going to take me weeks to get it working, though. This weekend all I want to get done is a layout.

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