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Well he seems like a nice guy, and if she’s happy

Saturday, May 13th, 2006 at about 12:17 pm

Sometimes I watch myself on a tape or in the mirror and think, “Good God! He’s so old!”

It shouldn’t come as such a surprise, time moving as it does, but a mild shock it is nonetheless. And these things just Happen, and before you know if your friends are getting married (married?) and you’ve outgrown all the old haunts and the old habits. It’s a little alarming.

I had always assumed this time would be turbulent, highly charged and emotional. But, it seems, not so. I drift towards the end of this chapter of life without so much as a casual backwards glance. The necessary practicalities keep my mind from dwelling on it too much, and frustration with people and things I don’t like or want to do make me hardly even sorry to be leaving. I have a summer left. Two weeks and a summer. The two weeks will go fast, although I still can’t really comprehend what they mean. The summer is longer than most, but undoubtedly will still seem to short.

And after it all: a whole new life. Or mode of life. Wide-eyed and unsuspecting, I’m heading toward it.

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