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‘we grew up in spite of it’

Monday, April 23rd, 2007 at about 11:16 pm

My consolation is: time might go alarmingly fast, but there’s a lot packed into the days. The last few are a blur (inevitably). Went to see The Wild Party Thursday night, then out to coffee with Hollis until the CoHo closed. Admit weekend, so the campus is thronged with lost 17-year-olds. My profro didn’t arrive until Friday, which was also 420 and a success by any reasonable standard. Spent the afternoon with Kevin and then the barbeque with my profro. Columbae in the evening, then out with Hollis again. Arrived back at the dorm at god knows when; the profros were all asleep. Saturday was recovery, spent writing quiet poems and working until late in the evening, then some relaxation and, regrettably, another 4am bedtime thanks to Battlestar. An infatuation which was furthered Sunday night, after an afternoon writing about S.T. Coleridge’s excellent Kubla Khan for IHUM, by a trip to Phi Sig with my external hard drive in hand. We watched an episode; I wrote a poem for class; we stayed up until 4. Which was an unfortunate time, since I had a class this morning at 10, but this is one thing that I am willing to shirk sleep for. Less so for my incredibly involved CS assignments, but it looks like that’s happening again this week. But such is life. Tonight has been spent staying awake and working when I can bring myself to, which is rarely, because it’s hard to turn my mind off. I’ve calmed down a little by telling myself to just accept the nature of things present and future. It only works so well.

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