the perfect drug

God I love summer. I’ve been having such fun these past few weeks. And the weeks before that were nice as well, although in somewhat different way. I have gotten almost nothing accomplished in two weeks. I have settled into a pleasant pattern of waking up early, doing errands or chores, then seeing various people until 5:30 or so when I come home and have dinner with my father. Then I’ll go out again for the night, but go to bed early so I can wake up early the next day and start the process over again. It’s been going on like this for days and days and days. It’s beautiful.

Tomorrow I head back to the coast. Three weeks in New Jersey, with friends and family and the ocean to keep me company. Maybe I’ll get some work done, and some reading as well. ‘There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want,’ Calvin said once. How true. But before I dolefully resign myself to never having enough time no matter how little I accomplish, I’m happy to realize how much fun I’m having.

background noise: Beaucoup Fish, Underworld

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