father winter says ‘GET OUTTA MA HOUSE’

Winter came down mad crazy today. Driving down Windsor south of the University I could barely see anything, at 2 in the afternoon. When the sun broke through the clouds and illuminated a white plane (with no clear distinction between road, ditch, and cornfield) it was beautiful, if a bit hard to navigate. Going south on First I passed a car in the ditch. I stopped and turned around to pull over and make sure they were all right, but coming back up to where they were I hit the same patch of slush and ice and crap that they had and went into a sort of freefall myself. I luckily avoided the ditch (narrowly) and ended up perpendicular to the road straddling both lanes. Someone else had stopped to help the guys in the ditch by then, so I cut my losses, turned, and headed back South where I was originally going.

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  1. Sara Says:

    good work not dying in the ditch, tom, mad props

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