‘…yeah, they had plans for him…’

My Stud Prod play won this award from a studio in Florida. They accept student-written plays and pick a few from each age range to produce. When they said, “produce” I assumed that meant they were actually going to perform it, but they actually just do a reading. Which is not nearly as exciting. So now I have to decide whether or not to go down to Sarasota to see this happen. It would definitely be worth it if they were really doing the play, because it would be fascinating to see someone else’s interpretation of my work and to see something I had written be so seriously considered. But their festival is the same day as the SAT II’s and prom, neither of which I’m terribly inclined to want to go to but both sort of a hassle to miss. I can move the SAT’s and just skip prom, but it’s not necessarily worth it just for a reading…

So now I’ve got to decide what to do, and fast - plane tickets must be bought or not, prom tickets are only available for another three days, and I don’t even know when the deadline to move the SAT’s is.

If nothing else it’s exciting to have won something. People always like plays at school because they are familiar with the people in the productions. Having something evaluated by an external arbiter (Theaterfest, for example, was a satisfying experience) somehow legitimizes the congratulations you received for originally doing the show.

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