‘future proof’

We had our Social Ad public presentation today, showing off the movie and information about alternative energy sources. There was a surprisingly good turnout, I think largely due to the press we received in the News Gazette and Hub on Thursday.

With this now finished there’s one less thing to deal with before this year can be done. There’s just another week, then finals, and things are finally, finally starting to cool down. I’ve felt like summer all this week, school has not been on my mind at all. I’ve just been hanging around, largely with the same people as last summer, too, so now I’m back in that mode.

This weekend was filled with doing CUWiN and Books to Prisoners work in the off time and some recreation. I was at Allerton yesterday afternoon, it was quite pleasant. I tried to clean to only mild success, the trouble is I have so much that I can’t just throw out because it’s still useful, and nowhere decent to put it. But, so it goes.

Come on summer, let me go rocketing into your arms.

background noise: 100th Window, Massive Attack

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