the great twitch

Aaah things are happening! No one knows their lines for the play, but that’s fine and I expected as much. I am going to attempt to learn act II in one fell swoop tonight. I do not have high hopes for success.

In other news, I still spend most of my time at the house, except when I’m working. But the result of that is that I have a ladder in the car that I don’t know what to do with and my effectiveness is limited.

Despite all of this, however, things are looking up. Up up up. I realized today that I don’t really have nerves anymore, they’re sort of shot. I still get nervous and react to things, of course, but I used to worry much more than I do now, and used to panic much more easily. I am liking this new Hakuna Mattata way of living, but it does mean that some things that used to be little thrills no longer really are. But so it goes.

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