woe is a passing state of mind

It makes me sad that ZoĆ« is so busy. She’s got all sorts of stuff to do, and is hence occupied all day long most days. And since my dad isn’t so happy about me going out every night, that means seeing her is somewhat difficult. And soon it just gets worse, and then school starts, at which point it all goes to hell. Fuck, I can make myself miserable sometimes. Upbeat, that’s the way to be, and still no one listens. No one ever listens. Your subconscious is a stupid piece of shit with the emotional structure of a 6 year old, but it manages to control you anyway. It’s only your conscious mind that manages to beat it into submission every once in a while.

And as I write this the music changes to something involving what might be a harmonica (it’s a shitty recording, so I can’t tell) and it sounds all right, and I feel all right. So here’s to mood swings.

background noise: “I am Citizen” Against Me!

5 Responses to “woe is a passing state of mind”

  1. MARK Says:

    you’ll get over it. love comes in waves.

  2. tom Says:

    I had already gotten over it by the time I finished writing. Which was good.

  3. MARK Says:

    dude, this post is really crazy

  4. tom Says:

    the numbers were all screwed up, or it wouldn’t show something

  5. mark Says:

    dude, if you switched one letter in this post title, it’s

    “Zoe is a passing state of mind”

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