‘ we’ll cut and fade, after years of endless rewind ‘

I’m beginning to think all change is superficial. Nothing ever changes. Life goes on, right? Always does. And when it doesn’t, when people die, well, life goes on for everyone else. Nothing that happens and nothing you do makes any difference. Make new friends, make new enemies, fuck everyone over and go solo. Won’t change a thing, in the end. Break up, make up, fuck up, give up, give in, anything you fucking want. In the end life’s pretty much the same. When’s the last time something really happened that radically altered… anything? History repeats all right, to the point where I’m pretty much convinced the world is on endless rewind. Nothing but variations on God’s first and only symphony.

The lightening is out, the rain is coming pouring down the windows. I want to go outside and scare myself shitless, but I don’t feel like getting wet. In the end, we’re all slaves to convenience. I don’t remember the last time it really rained hard, especially during the day. But then, that isn’t saying much. Could have been last week, for all I know.

background noise: “fear” sarah mclachlan [hybrid super collider remix]

   ”winter’s here….”

9 Responses to “‘ we’ll cut and fade, after years of endless rewind ‘”

  1. mo Says:

    actually, i think it was about a month ago towards the beginning of school when everyone came back from PE completely drenched. That was pretty cool.

  2. name Says:

    lol! mo kudeki!! LOL!!!!

  3. mark Says:

    shit, my bathroom’s been out of toilet paper for weeks. Every time i poop I have to use tissues from my backup box.

  4. tom Says:

    That’s exceedingly unpleasant.

    As for the rain, yes that was probably it. That was pretty cool.

  5. mark Says:

    actually, the tissues are softer than the tp

  6. tom Says:

    yea but they fall apart more easily, so I’d be worried about getting shit-infested bits of toilet paper stuck to my ass.

    That reminded me of a joke I heard:

    What do toilet paper and Captain Kirk have in common? They both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.

  7. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    that’s pretty good.


  8. mark Says:


  9. kudeki Says:

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    Good Luck~ :)

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