‘afraid of staying the same’

Today, while waiting for the bus, this guy got off. In typical weird-guy fashion, he started talking to me and asking about me.

him: “Hey, what’s your name?”
me: “Tom”
him: “Hey Tom, I’m Steve” [shake hands]
me: “You go to school here?”
him: “Yea” “What’s your major?”
me: “Actually, I’m still in high school”
him: “Oh really? What school do you go to?”
me: “Uni High, right over there” [pointing]
him: “Ah, ok, I go to Park, Parkland” (it took him a couple tries to get it right)
me: “What’s your major?”
him: “Computer Science”
me: “You like it?”
him: “Yea, but I’m glad it’s over”
me: [laughing] “Yea.”
him: “What grade are you going to be in next fall?”
me: “I’ll be a sophomore.”
him: “With a deep voice like that? Oooo”
me: [thinking this is a little weird] “Heh, yea…”

I think there were some other things said, but I don’t remember what they were. I think he left at this point. So, there’s that. It was a little weird, and yet made me kinda laugh at the same time. He seemed harmless enough, just sorta oddly polite or something. Or maybe he’s crazy, whatever. It made my day more interesting.

background noise: “What a Good Boy” Barenaked Ladies

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