Going to the movies tonight, in a little less than an hour. Seeing The Matrix. Should be fun, I hope.

So this morning I went over to Meadowbrook and removed some of those invasive species from the prairie. I thought it’d be just pulling weeds, but it turns out it was a little more large-scale. We removed honeysuckle bushes and olive trees with saws and hedge clippers. It was great fun. I haven’t done any work outside like that in a while; I never really thought I liked it, but it was rather satisfying. It’s fun to cut stuff down.

background noise: “Du Hast” Rammstein

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  1. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I’m listening to the Wall. I don’t know why I’m typing this. I think I’m going to go ponder the concept of free will on both large and small scales. Maybe I’ll write something. maybe I should start a parasite blog that lives in these comment sections. I think I will. From now on, until I forget… or get bored… at that point the parasite dies.

  2. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    free will. an interesting concept, but one born of optimism. atoms interact in set ways. radioactive isotopes decay at steady rates. Reactions take place in your brain constantly, and always take place the same.

    These reactions will always happen, always the same. If you have two moles of hydrogen and one mole of oxygen, you will get one mole of water. If I know the exact states of all the atoms and sub particles in the universe right now (4 dimensions), I would know how they would be for the rest of eternity(any number of dimensions).

    However, I don’t, and live in three dimensions, moving through the fourth. I can see all of three dimensions, but only half of the fourth (the half I have already experinced). so I have no free will in 3 dimensions, but as I cannot possibly know what the future will bring, I have freedom in half of the fourth dimension, the future half. So, I have free will from my perspective. However, an entity who lives in four dimensions would see the future like I see a book dropping to the floor, and so I would have no free will from his perspective, as the book has no free will from mine, as a two dimensional entity would from any three dimensional entity.

    Another type of free will to argue-about is historical freewill… but I’ll do that later, if at all. I hope that made sense to someone. I should rewrite it. and so the parasite blog sucks it’s first byte of server space.

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