‘forget the caffe latte’


What fun, yes? But I’m feeling like writing about them would be exceedingly mundane, and very teenager-with-a-blog-and-nothing-better-to-do-like, so I’m going to forgo it entirely.

After school I hung at with Annie “studying” for the Chem final tomorrow. May not have accomplished much, but at least now I’m sufficiently prepared for it in terms of attitude. Specifically, I’m not worried, since I’ve accepted the fact that I can fuck up and it doesn’t really matter.

All right, that’s it.

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  1. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    woooah! No talk about finals! what’s the world coming to? I’ll take finals tommorrow, and I’ll just talk about them now. I could come up with the cliche ‘I’m screwed’, but I’m really not. I intend to pass, probably somehwere in the B to A range.

    I was listening to pink floyd today, and realized that I really like it, but I don’t know why. Pink floyd isn’t that catchy, by in large, it isn’t that fast, and it has long periods of silence or the like. Those three things should basicly exclude it from the stack of ‘me like’. But it’s not. It’s a definite part of that stack, perhaps part of the foundation. I don’t get it. Whatever, there’s somthing majestic about the music, something that surpasses the ages and makes for some good tunes.

  2. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    Let us assume that I am, in fact, a summation of my experinces, blended to gether and dried into my personality. I am my experinces, they are me.

    I think, therefore I am, and so my experinces and memoriesmust be. If my experinces are, the rest of the universe is. But my experinces are inherently mine and are part me, and so the universe is merely an extension of my mind. And so, I control the unverse. Bow down to me; bow, bow. if you’re female and midly attractive, I predict you will become naked!

  3. tom Says:

    way to blow a meaningful thought with silly immature blather…

  4. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    you want an alternate ending? here you go (splice this in after extension of my mind):
    If the Universe is simply an extension of mind, everything in it is simply one part of my ‘brain’ playing off against another. Everything in the universe that seems true, is a scientific law, like gravity, is like a psychosomatic diesease; simply my mind limiting itself. If I say, wanted to fly I need only convince my self, totally and utterly, that gravity does not affect me. Likewise, if I wanted to be able to step out into a highway and not die, I need only create a law, or pyshosomatic disorder, that stops cars from hitting me.

    So, my ending was immature? is that you speaking, or merely a product of a soicietal system’s preconcived notions speaking? are you merely the product of others, or are you an individual, free from the bonds of others? gimme an answer.

    and I decided that skaa is closer to rap than rock today. it’s repetitive, it’s all the same, and it’s annoys the hell outta me. I should qualify that with a statement I like some rap music, and likewise I like some skaa, but only in very small doses.

    I reaally like the flaming lips now. I bought ‘the soft bulletine’ and it was good.

  5. the babyraper Says:

    pink floyd are sooo dumb. their psychedelic stuff was good, but then when roger waters took over and made all that political allegory in his music and all that dumb “wall” shit, it all went to hell. plus, the music’s so slow. it gets boring after a while. and by while i mean the time it takes for beshers to ejaculate on his desk in German class.

  6. TheBABYsnatcher Says:

    man, that’s pretty fast.

    The wall could be better, but can anyone find something better than dark side of the moon to have sex to?

  7. tom Says:

    yea, Nine Inch Nails’s Closer

  8. Mark Says:


  9. tom Says:

    I thought the official reason for it was decided to be snot…

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