i’m not dead yet

Well. Summer. How… similar. Today just felt like a normal Saturday. Either the concept of it being summer vacation hasn’t sunken in yet, or I just don’t care. Each is equally likely, I suppose.

I feel a little guilty, because I haven’t been writing anything of substance here lately. And I won’t for a while, either, because I’m going on a short excursion out of town (camping) tomorrow and Monday, and then Thursday I’m leaving for Greece for two weeks. After that I’ll go to New Jersey, and Luxembourg, and England, and won’t return to faithful Champaign Urbana until August 15th or so. I’m looking forward to all the traveling, but my blog is going to have to lessen its posting frequency considerably. I’ll write when I can, but how often that will be remains yet to be determined. While in Greece, though, it will certainly be nothing. Once I return from all of my various adventures, though, I promise things will be much, much better.

background noise: “New Noise” Refused

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