endless days of summer

so tired….

and typing feels alien too. But that’s all right, so long as I’ve got this yogurt. Mmm-mmm good.

I spent the entire afternoon with Zoë. I’m not going to see her for 8 weeks. It’s going to be a bad time. I mean, I’m sure I’ll have fun at the beach and in Europe, but it’s just going to be a little different, is all. Hopefully it won’t be that bad. Or hopefully it will be, maybe. I’m not sure which means more.

background noise: “Sullivan Street” Counting Crows

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  1. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I found the internet! Like a traveler in the desert finding a spring, I am quickly gulping down sustence before moving on. I’m still in texas. Texas blows ass. I’m not from texas. The people here are different from my hometown. Not different like they have hills and don’t live on an aquifer (like chambana), but their fundamental pysche is different. In most places television and pop culture and global communcations erase the differences unless you look closely. But here it’s isolated, and these differences are more noticble. While you might help a stranger, these people look at them with derision and a pityful curiosity, curiosity at something that doesnot belong to their inbred club. and being a janitor sucks. I’m moving elsewhere as soon as I can, and as soon as the locals let me leave. Maybe I’ll try and accept some of those college invitations. You should look for these differences whereever you’re going tommorrow. 8 weeks should be enough to find some. They’ll be very minute, maybe just a consistency in how they react to something, a consistency among wherever you’re going (more noticible if it’s outside the US) that different from how say, people react to the American flag here. (and HOLY SHIT these texans have an overblown sense of patriotism. My neighbor lives in a flag painted house. Maybe it’s just here, where everyone has their cousins to remind them of what a great mutherfucking country we live in (read some sarcasm)). Take a look for how people are different across the country (world if you’re leaving).

    God I hate this place. I may not find the internet again for awhile, or until I can get the shizzit out of here, so until then, as I found in the info of the sn of one of the owners of one of the blogs (Marcus maybe?) you have linked, TAKE NO SHIT, TAKE NO PRISONERS. actaully have fun. life’s short. really short. much like summer. I’m starting to talk again. I better stop.

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