rainy days

Holy shit dial-up internet sucks after having broadband for a couple years. Ah well, the comforts of home cannot all be everywhere with us I suppose. Speaking of which, over the winter an important pipe burst in our house, so now there’s no water until it can be repaired. Hopefully that will be tomorrow, but who knows. Furthermore, its cold and raining here. Not worth going in the water at all. So while its nice to be down at the beach, its a little useless. But at least I got the new Harry Potter book to give me something to do. I’m also determined to learn how to make Flash work with the Blogger API this summer, something which I have tried several times to do and have always miserably failed. Tonight I actually began at the beginning and bothered to learn something, and its all making much more sense.

My e-mail is finally done downloading, so adios.

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