‘aren’t we all so cool now? no’

My friend Adam came down to visit yesterday and today. My mom’s friend Diane came with her son David, and was able to give Adam a ride. So we hung around for the day, went swimming in the ice-cold water, and had a great time. I’m exhausted right now, didn’t get much sleep last night. Tomorrow my friend Scott is coming with his family, they’ll stay on their boat at one of the marina’s on the bay side of the island tomorrow night and hang out with us during the day.

I can’t believe I’ve been down here a week already. Time seems to be sliding. It always does, doesn’t it? Everything takes a while as its happening, but looking back its never as long as you would expect, as you would hope, or as you would fear.

I can’t wait to go back to Long Hill and see all of my friends, but for now these couple will tide me over. I won’t be able to see Adam, so I needed to be sure I saw him now. But in August I should see most everyone else. I want to see how everyone has changed. I want to see how I’ve changed. I mean, I’ve been keeping track of myself as closely as I can, but you can only be so objective in self-analysis. I suspect I’ve changed more than I think (and I think I’ve changed a lot). Time will tell, I suppose.

Time to go. Need to find more information on hotels in England, planning for my trip there later in July. Good times.

background noise: “cavanaugh park” something corporate

7 Responses to “‘aren’t we all so cool now? no’”

  1. MARK Says:

    frank cavanaugh is the bassist for filter

  2. tom Says:

    didn’t know that

  3. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I’m free from texas. my parasite blog will talk about that later. In the meantime, a little story for you. I was in a church for some party, and decided it was time to peek at the pee room. I walked in and was confronted by one of those motivational posters, churchy stile. It had a picture of a lighthouse on an isolated rock in a storm. It said ‘Faith’ With a rock to cling to, any struggle can be endured’ or something like that. I didn’t take that as a good omen as I walked into the stall. I sat down and proceeded to force a particularly difficult turd out. I braced myself against the walls, and kept going. I looked up at the door of stall, and someone had put a sign there. It had a pciture of a cartoon plane with a cat flying it, obviously intended for kiddies. With it came the mesage ‘God didn’t promise a smooth flight, only a safe landing’. That didn’t make shitting any easier.

  4. name Says:

    thats the most inspired contribution to this blog you have made yet, mr snatcher.

  5. tom Says:

    i’m quite honestly at a lost for words

  6. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    well, damn straight

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