oh well

So today I decide to try to do something about the fact that I’m not good at being around people I don’t know. My sister is hanging out with these same guys again, so I go over and sit with them for a while. It was nothing important, it was just a small personal victory of not being too shy or antisocial to do it. Turns out they’re all total fucking idiots, but that really isn’t the point. At least I can now make the decision to not hang out with them anymore because they’re complete morons, instead of allowing the decision to be made by fear. It’s something, at least.

background noise: “I’m Dying Tomorrow” Alkaline Trio

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  1. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    Lenny bruce, or whoeverthehell you are, you called me a child. perhaps you did that becuase I’m younger than you. Does a 40 year old man call a 39 year old woman a child? no. perhaps beucase you believe I’m not sexually mature. I assure you, my sperm is perfectly viable. perhaps you said that becuase you believe my mental capacties have not aged suffectiently to be able to agrue on topics such as these. to this, I repeat my earlier comment of ‘fuck off’.

    I hate people who judge others. Judging in itself isn’t bad, simply that people most often do it with to little information. When people walk into a room they choose where to stand based on what people look like, and if they move slowly enough, what they happen to be talking about at that point in time.
    Let’s say people talk about what they like, or something else that will accurately define part of who they are at two or three points throughout a given day. Walking into a room, you listen to what they’re talking about a point. The chances of you happening to be listening (1 point in time) at the time when they are given an accurate idea of who they are, and hence whether you would enjoy being around them (2-3 points out of an infinite number of points where there are communicating) is infintesimly small, and can hence be quantified by a big fat ZERO. You cannot judge people from one reference point, or any number of singular points, you need to need to listen to them for a span of time, say several days worth of conversation, and be able to detirmine which points therein accurately describe them in order to have any chance of having a realisitic impresssion of them. that was a long sentence. In short, unless you know someone really well, you cannot judge them.

    Another important thing in judging people is to never place them in groups. if you find out someone is homosexual, do not tag them with the group ‘gay’. They might fit the stereotype, they more likely will not. When judging people, know them very well, and do not group them.

    I once judged someone to early. I hated them. Utterly and totally. When they left town, I rejoiced. then by talking with others I foudn that out that she actaully was nice at times. I regret my judgement at times. of course, she was a jerk to me.

    And so, how well do you know me, Lenny? Well enough to know what I like to eat? what I like in women? when I like to take shits? I don’t know that about you, so I will reserve judgement, not biasing any future enocunters I have with you by thinking of you as a jerk.

    ‘Father can you jear me?
    How have I let you down?
    I curse the day that I was born
    and all the sorrow in this world

    Let me take you to the herding ground
    where all good men are trampled down
    Just to settle a bet that could not be won
    between a brightful father and his son’
    -Bad Religion - Sorrow

  2. MARK Says:

    props for you tom for filling your dream of talking to someone! pretty soon youll realize that you wont find interesting people on the beach, only horny guys and starfish. good friends come in ugly or misshapen packages.

  3. tom Says:

    True, Mark. Friends are funny things that way.

  4. MARK Says:

    no they arent, that was just some bullshit i was throwin around.

  5. tom Says:

    But the majority of my friends are that way, so it might have some truth…

  6. MARK Says:

    like me,

    if im your friend

  7. tom Says:

    yea, like you. In fact, almost all of my friends are funny looking or have some other oddity about them. Shit, look at Ben the Viking.

  8. MARK Says:

    that’s just uni’s disfiguring influence. i hope it doesnt hit our girlfriends.

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