The 4th of July. A blaze of mostly-misdirected patriotism and (more importantly, of course) commercialism, as with any other holiday. But it’s harmless enough, so I don’t really care. We’ll set off our fireworks made by Chinese slave labor and wave our flags to better blur their meaning. It’s just the way things go. I’m looking forward to the celebration tonight, actually. I haven’t been to a 4th of July in a while. I’m always at camp this time of year, but not this year. I’ll get to see the Baltimore Country Club’s show (we’re in Baltimore now). If the way it was last time I was here (5 years ago) is any indication, it’ll be great. Food and fire everywhere.

background noise: “Deep Inside of You” Third Eye Blind

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  1. TheBABYsnatcher Says:

    pyrotechnics are fun. homemade ones are better. When I was a kid, my dad wrapped a stick in a cloth, soaked the puppy in rubber cement (diluted by gasoline or some other solvent), and tied those black-cat things around them. tied the sucker to his friends exhuast pipe and ran a fuse to the ignition. Took him about two hours to do. It was great when it did go off. You know how in the cars in the opening scene of the fast and the furious have flames comig out their exhuast pipes?

    This was better.

    Have fun.

    “Drivin’ that train
    High on cocaine
    Casey Jones you better
    watch your speed

    Trouble ahead
    Trouble behind
    and you know that notion
    just crossed my mind” -Grateful Dead

  2. MARK Says:

    damn hipppie

  3. MARK Says:

    damn hippie

  4. tom Says:

    that sounds like both a lot of fun and rather dangerous.

    The fireworks weren’t so great. I mean, they were fine, but not like awe-inspiring. Setting off our own was fun, though. And all the adults who were with us had plenty to drink; that was also amusing.

  5. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I just covered my cortch with bengay. I’m going to go cry now.

    ‘can’t listen to music through pain. bye.

  6. mark Says:

    what’s a cortch?

  7. tom Says:

    not even going to ask how that one happened…

  8. TheBABYsnatcher Says:

    by cortch I mean my penis and balls.

    it hurt for aobut an hour then went away. I can’t feel anything down there though. There’s a picture of a brain on my new Bad Religion cd. and speaking fo brains, I need a job. if anyone reading this can give me one, I’ll take it. and I’ll do almost anything (excluding rubbing bengay on my testis).

    ‘Catholic school girls rule…

    In the class she’s taking notes
    Just how deep deep is my throat
    Mother Mary don’t you know
    She’s got eyes like Marylin Monroe

    Catholic school girls rule…’

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