back again

I’m back at the Jersey shore for a day and a half. Baltimore was a good time, got to see family and such. Tuesday we’re leaving for Luxembourg. I dunno if I’ll write from there. Probably at least once. Or not. Does it really matter? No, I thought not.

Damn it’s hot here. The house has been closed up like a giant green house for days. I need a drink.

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  1. TheBABYsnatcher Says:

    Record swap is cool. In that they have a great selection, even if their prices are only decent (8 bucks a used Cd).

    ‘Fight like a brave,
    Don’t be a slave
    No-one can tell you,
    You got to be afraid.’
    -Red Hot chilipeppers, and oldschool RHCP beats the living shit out of newschool.

  2. tom Says:

    I think there’s one CD store on this entire fucking island. I looked in the phone book today, that’s all I can find. So much for getting some music before leaving for Europe.

  3. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I just reread some replies to a comment I made on ‘and every time she sneezes i believe its love’ and MARK and tom said some stuff I’d like to reply to. tom, you asked if ’self educated’ looks very good on a job ap. In theory, jobs would be based soley on merit, not whether or not some shitty institution gave me a piece of paper and made me pay 20,000 bucks a year to listen to people speak about topics which at this point I am more knowledgeable about than them. Should, as most buisnesses are, a job turn out to require a degree rather than actual knowledge, I doubt I would want to work there anyway.

    I am currently more than well off enough to live the rest of my life in some semblence of comfort. However, should I need mo’ money, I can start my own buisness/venture to make money. I believe I will at some point. Of course, I don’t know enough right now to dominate. That’s why I’m studying.

    To MARK, I have no limit of ambition, I just know not to fuck around until I’m ready (see my signiture).
    I don’t mean to employ an education sucks arguement, simpyly that, by in large formal educations suck. Unless of course, you’re going into something so heavily based on the system of governemtn and government education (ie, law) that it’s best to learn from thsoe that created it.
    I am more than well aquianted with the Lifehouse Project. and how much of a failure it was. The lyrics of teenage wasteland fit my current state of mind, and so I used them. I believe that the appropriate thing for me to tell you to do is to eat pubic grime and die, which I have plenty of (bengay didn’t wash off all the way) if you want me to scrape some off for you.

    Today I interviewed three professors on campus on the pretense of writing an newspaper article about them. Instead, I know now what they’re researching. Nice to know. Cool stuff. One dude’s trying to build tensile structures on an molecular scale. He started to realise that I wasn’t asking what a news reporter would ask and shunted the conversation a different way. Typical professor/engineer, doesn’t want others to solve something before him.

    I talked to my parents today. Haven’t seen them in 6 months. it was nice, but they were distant. Maybe I’ll talk more about our osborn-worthy relationship later.

    I had a popsicle today. It was one of the ones with jokes on them. Here’s what it was:

    What time is it when you’re out of Ice Cream?

    Time to get more ice cream!’.

    I wanted my money back, but I settled myself by composing this reply:

    Time for me to use you to give a dog a rectal exam.

    Stupid, eh?

    ‘Ya’ll wanna wrestle in the garden,
    I’m on my way to stardom
    I know I’m ready, I know I’m great
    But first I’ve got to get in shape.’
    -Ramones, The Crusher.

  4. mark Says:

    jesus i hate other people

  5. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I’d say Jesus, I hate you.

    except I don’t.

    The planet is playing really shitty music now. so no lyrics for you.

  6. tom Says:

    the planet plays shitty music too often.

  7. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    I have come to realize that silence while I work is more pleasant than what they play.


  8. mark Says:

    with my giant collection of cds, I’ve come to realize that its more fun to be your own dj.

  9. mark Says:

    and yes, record swap kicks ass. I got the first two Iron maiden cds and Kill Em All and Blizzard of Ozz there for cheaps

  10. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    oh, you’re the reason I couldn’t get Kill em All. Damn. I would be my own dj, as I am whenever I’m nto working, except my current place of employ has pair of tits and no brain as a boss.

    I got the planet to play some of the Who. Took long enough. but I don’t want to copy down Baba ORiely’s lyrics again. so sing the song to yourself, and listen to it. it’s good.

  11. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    and how many cds you got, MARK?

  12. name Says:

    probably between five and six hundred

  13. MARK Says:

    btw, that was me

  14. theBABYsnatcher Says:

    never would have guessed.

    ‘don’t leave me high,
    don’t leave me dry,
    don’t leave me high
    don’t leave me dry’

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